At B&P Retirement Solutions we deliver effective strategies for both plan sponsors and individuals so that confidence can be found when a proper plan is put in place. Our team brings exceptional service, value, knowledge, expertise, trust, integrity, and peace of mind to thousands of clients across the country. B&P Retirement Solutions works in conjunction with CPAs, payroll providers, insurance organizations, and other trusted professionals to streamline processes which lead to more productive outcomes. Our relationships with knowledgeable, cost effective, Third Party Adminsitrators helps set us apart. The right TPA can assist to properly pinpoint appropriate plan designs for plan sponsors and create efficiencies with the retirement plans that we oversee. The primary goals for all of our clients at B&P Retirement Solutions are:

1) Minimize tax consequences while maximizing net worth

2) Address concerns surrounding fees, funds, and fiduciary liability

3) Reduce the work load and responsibilities of clients we serve

4) Develop a plan that brings confidence and enhances retirement readiness

We take pride in doing what is best for our clients.  Contact us today to discover how we can provide value to your retirement plan.